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Our blog is here so that we can talk about what is important to the community of Irving, Texas. Irving residents have a strong sense of community and curiosity. As long-time Irving residents, we know quite a bit about this cultured town but are always exploring and learning more. For homeowners, we want to cover your questions and concerns. If you ever want to know more about a certain topic, please contact us so that we may answer your question or do some research and find an answer for you.

The Best Movers in the Dallas Metroplex.

Big City Movers Big City Movers are the guys for the job. They happen to be a group of guys on the same rugby team. They are from all over the world and the move people to pay for their league and their living expenses. When they work together on the job, you can tell […]


The Best Thai Restaurants in the Dallas Metroplex

Looking for the best Thai food in the Dallas Metroplex? Some might think that Irving residents don’t have access to incredible Thai food! That assumption would be wrong. Dwayne and Jeanna West like to cook at home or out on the grill some evenings, but they can’t help but find themselves at one of their […]


Delectable Donuts in Dallas

Let’s talk donuts y’all! It’s a fair statement to say that Texans know donuts. Luckily, it seems that there are donut shops in every neighborhood and on every other corner. While there probably isn’t such a thing as a bad donut, some donut shops are better than others. Let’s talk about the top donut shops […]


What You Really Need to Know About Texas Water Conservation

H2O Sprinklers Tells You Everything You Need to Know About Water Conservation in Texas The Texas Water Development Board has an entire team dedicated to water conservation. By going to their website, you can order a water conservation brochure, know/raise your water IQ, and search for local conservation information by zip code. They take pride […]